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  • Oud scented cones

    These hand made aromatic oud cones, beautifully purvey oud and other infused fragrances around your homes. The first oud scented cones in the UK bought to you by Sarai Home. The oud scented cones, come with a unique packaging innovation designed by Sarai home, that allows you to utillise the lid of the tin to sit upside down and slot in to the grooves of the open tin edges, this is now converted into an oud cone burner. The oud scented cones are hand scented and take a process of 10 days before they are ready to be sent out to fragrance your beautiful living spaces. The oud cones require no coals or burner, easy to light, unique and stylish so can be placed anywhere in the home. With minimalist packaging and understated design, the oud cones make a statement when gifted. How to burn your oud cones to ensure you get optimum fragrance throw. Keep your oud scented cones in a cool and dry place, preferably in the tin provided and when not in use with the lid closed. When burning your cones place the lid on top of the open tin, the grooves on the top of the lid will sit comfortably on top of the tin and create a stable base for you to place your oud cone. Now light the tip of the cone with a match or lighter, let the flame heat the cone and blow out the flame when you can see a red hot ember (glow) on the cone. Place the cone on to the lid (burner) and sit back and let it fill the area. Each cone will take approximately 20-25 minutes to diffuse, however the scent will linger for a few hours. Please note keep the room ventilated as the cone requires air (oxygen) to burn optimally, if the cone stops burning simply relight ensuring their is ventilation in the area. Ensure you keep away from children and animals. Make sure to follow our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for the most up to date news and exciting new product launches.

  • Care for your oud scented candles

    All of our luxury oud scented candles are lovingly hand made in the North West of England. So that they can provide your homes with hours of luxury fragrant euphoria, follow our tips to keep enjoying the experience and maintain the quality and life of the candle. HOW TO BURN & EXTINGUISH YOUR OUD SCENTED CANDLE 1. Place candle in heat proof mat and in a well ventilated room, away from drafts, or fans which can cause soot or uneven burning. 2. On the first burn ensure the candle burns long enough (usually takes 2-3 hours in our normal size candles) for the wax to melt to the edge of the glass container, this will prevent tunneling. 3. Keep the wick trimmed to 5mm with our luxury matt black wick trimmer before every burn and also ensure the pool of wax is clear from any debris, the debris can act as a second wick and make your candle burn faster and also may create soot. 4. Extinguish the flame gently with our luxury matt black candle snuff to ensure the flame is safely put out, this is safer than blowing the flame out. Once the flame is out ensure the wick is straight and allow the wax to harden before relighting. 5. Lastly, once your luxury oud scented candle has come to an end (Such a shame, but you can always order more, why not try another scent in one of our lovely luxuriously oud scented candles?) you can safely recycle your glass jar or up-cycle them for other uses such as desk storage for stationery or storing your toothbrushes or make up brushes. Make sure to clean the jar first by removing the silver wick tab with a spoon and washing the jar with hot soapy water. Make sure to follow our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for the most up to date news and exciting new product launches.

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  • Sarai Home | Luxury Oud Wood Home Fragrance | England

    Featured Incense sticks Oud incense cone trio giftset Oud Scented Candle trio Oud scented candle Large Oud Scented Cones & Burner Gift Set Oud fragrance diffuser Candle Accessories Oud incense cone trio Oud incense cones Bespoke Oud scented candles Oud incense cone mini Incense Stick Refill Who we are... Welcome to Sarai Home, we are purveyors of luxury scented personalities across your home. Discover our luxury home fragrance collection of oud scented candles and oud scented cones. The Sarai Home collection of luxury oud home fragrance will continue to grow with new and exciting products we are making and are currently testing in our laboratory. So stay tuned and be the first to hear by signing up to the Sarai Home newsletter below and check out the Sarai Home adventure . ​ A gift from Sarai Home, will always be embraced. ​ New & Coming soon... Oud scented cone trio Candle trio Reed diifuser

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