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We are purveyors of luxury scented personalities across your home

Welcome to Sarai Home, a luxurious home fragrance line that specialises in Oud scents. Our products are carefully hand-crafted in the UK using the finest quality ingredients and fragrances. We are passionate about creating beautiful home fragrances that will bring a sense of calm and luxury to your home.

Sarai Home was founded in 2017 and family run. We began our adventure being intrigued by the wonderful and entrancing scent of Oud. A trip to the middle-east evoked the senses by the wonderful sweet and woody aromas of Oud combined with other succulent ingredients. This trip sparked the creation of Sarai Home, where we have decided to create an Oud home fragrance range, including our Oud incense cones, incense sticks  and our Oud fragranced candles. We are bringing the scents of the middle-east, using ancient skills with modern twists refined with British luxury.

Our blends are expertly crafted to create a unique and exquisite aroma that will evoke feelings of harmony and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a natural and subtle scent or a bold and vibrant one, we have something for everyone. Experience Sarai Home and transform your home into a paradise.

The art of gift giving is made effortless. We are experts in gifting, there is no better feeling than unwrapping a gift lovingly selected for you by a friend or family member. We are passionate about creating beautiful and elegant designs that inspire and captivate. All of our Oud scented candles are immaculately wrapped in our signature gift box and ribbon tied into a bow with finesse. Our scented cones are presented in our signature metal containers with a unique twist in which the inside of the container lid is used as a cone burner. The art of giving is further enhanced with our signature gift bags.
A gift from Sarai Home will always be embraced. 

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